[Also, Turean, Tureann, Tuiren]

Rev. 5/2/2009


A beautiful woman who was transformed into the first large, white, shaggy Irish Wolfhound by a jealous faery queen named Uchtdealbh.  The spell had a flaw.  Not only did it turn Turrean into a dog, but quite literally, she became the most beautiful dog ever seen on earth.  She was kept prisoner at Uchtdealbh's home in Galway Bay until her brother, the warrior chief Fionn MacCumhal, saved her and her two sons, Bran and Sceolan* (also, Sgeolan). Turrean's spell was broken, but the sons stayed in the shape of the dogs for the rest of their lives. Both Bran and Sceolan became heroes of Legends.



How Did I . . .?
~ get involved with the Irish Wolfhound
~ come up with the Kennel Name: The Turrean
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