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We have a collection of Videos from the Beginning of The Turrean.
Would You Like To See Them?

Just 2 Weeks until the Day of Deliverance

A real Pick-Up Dude!


The day arrived! After driving for 2 hours, Sky had a feeding with his siblings, had a nap, then we came home to meet the new family..




The first introduction was to Barney. He really didn't know why there would be a New Kid in his Yard. They soon became friends. Sky says: "I'll just lay here and be non-threatening...maybe he'll like me".



Who's the New Kid?

It's me, Sceolan. Hi, Uncle Barney.


Sceolan & Turrean Hangin' Out

Next the meeting for Sceolan and Turrean. They seemed to be BFFs right from the start! Sky even appropriated Turrean's couch and she didn't mind!

Classic White-On-Black

Hard Day at Play




After a hard play day in the backyard, it was time to rest.



But, Where's Auntie Angel???


After-nap snacks did not meet with Sky's approval. He managed to mangle a stick from the fruit tree in the backyard however.


What! No Cookies!




Angel is hiding; just not interested in the New Kid. . .Yet!



Ya Can't See Me. I'm Hiding

Hah! If Angel Can Hide,
So Can We!!


Show Time!

And a nice time was had by all at the Silver Bay Kennel Club Show (March 2009). Turrean deported herself quite nicely and took home a blue ribbon. New Friend, KeenO, came over to congratulate her.

Hey! Are You My New Boyfriend?



Where ya been, Sis?

I've a new friend I wan'cha ta meet! I'm living with the really neat lady, Turrean, and she has another friend, Emme. And, my new Dad, Ralph. I have a big brother, Barney, and a big sister, Angel, and and and. . . It's great fun! Come see me some more, okay? Huh? I'll show you my turtle. . .


I'm Emme and this is Turrean




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