HOW DID I . . .?
Part 2

Rev. 5/2/2009


~ come up with the kennel name: The Turrean?

The Irish legend of Turrean, the story of a beautiful woman magically changed into the first Irish Wolfhound by a jealous sorceress, intrigued me. Research of the aspects of the enjoyable story gave me the name for my new female Wolfhound, Turrean. When I was told that I would be getting a male, I had to come up with a name for him and since the sons of the mythical Turrean were Bran and Sceolan, I decided to use one of those names. There are just so many Irish Wolfhounds named Bran and I wanted something representative but a bit different, so I chose Sceolan for my new male puppy. BUT...what kennel name to put on his AKC registration papers? For weeks I tried various combinations of sounds and words and phrases, yet nothing clicked until I decided that TURREAN, being first in legend and first female Irish Wolfhound in my future, should have that honor, thus Turrean Kennel was born. So there we sat, the day I picked up Sky (Sceolan), the registration paper in front of me and that regal, soulful little face peering up at me, that it came to me: "commanding appearance"! So how can I describe that in my kennel name. Someone said, "Be snobbish and make it the Turrean". My male became: O'Sullivan Sceolan of The Turrean. That is the day THE TURREAN IRISH WOLFHOUND KENNEL was born.




How Did I . . .?
~ get involved with the Irish Wolfhound
~ come up with the Kennel Name: The Turrean
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