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We should start first with The American Kennel Club [ ], a site which contains "everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask" a silly question about. Remember, there are NO silly or dumb questions when dealing with a family member about to join your life.


Irish Wolfhound Associations/Clubs. The National Irish Wolfhound Club of America [  ] offers guidelines to raising and training and membership in your local Irish Wolfhound organization. While we do not advocate that you become totally involved, we do encourage you to become an associate member of a couple of the clubs, including the National, just to keep up to date on what is happening in the health and position of the breed.


Pet Products. There are a number of very good, inexpensive web sites dealing with pet produces. The one we most use is Drs. Foster & Smith [ ]. For local acquisition, there are a number of pet product chains, like Pet Co and PetsMart. Be sure to ask your veterinarian about products she/he can provide--of course at a higher cost, but very convenient if you are already at the office. Another very nice site Jeffers [ ]. This link will take you to the horse segment of their catalog. If you really think about it, the Irish Wolfhound is almost as big as a miniature horse or a pony!! Some of the items we like are the pony blankets, the feeding tubs and automatic waterers.


Over-The-Counter Meds. Don't do it!! The caveat is "unless you have checked with your veterinarian or your breeder". There are some products totally inappropriate (and can cause serious illness and/or death!) for the Irish Wolfhound. Sure, maybe your neighbor's Jack Russell Terrier tolerates aspirin, but NOT your Irish Wolfhound!! A nation-wide provider, 1-800-PetMeds offers basic items which can be called in or ordered on-line. Some of the products are non-prescription, but we do advise you to check with your veterinarian or Breeder for product brand names they have tried and/or recommend.

Traveling with your Irish Wolfhound.
Camping With Your Dog ...all sorts of camping info on hiking, backpacking, where-to, what to take... Don't forget to vaccinate!
Dog Parks & Beaches  and Take Your Pet... nice, clear pages for your edification. Easy to browse.

Pet Names. Fido? or Phydo? A couple thousand ideas and alpha listing plus links to other sites. (Maybe they're interesting, I don't know for sure as I didn't have time to check--wanna do it for me?--some are really great; others, well, hummmmm <G>, certainly not suited for an Irish Wolfhound!) Sometimes your breeder will suggest a theme they would hope you would select from for the name; and, most insist that their kennel name has to be included--usually out front. You can call your dog anything you want!!


Irish Fun "Stuff"
The Celtic Lady ~ I stumbled into this one and was thrilled! Getting better all the time! A delight for the eyes and to grace your home!
Tattoo Lady ~ wonderful Irish/Celtic designs by a dear IW friend/owner. As Pat says: Be Art!
Music ~ things Irish! They set up what you will hear upon opening their site. They offer 18 other selections and I believe it changes periodically.
Antique Irish Books~ Mostly links within a link. There is a wide variety of subjects, tours, and Celtic objects.


Nutrition. The BARF (Bones And Raw Foods) Diet is a healthy, natural, nutritional and complete Raw Diet for your hound. I use it as a supplement to the dry kibble which encourages the hound to eat a balanced meal. There are other products just as beneficial to your hound, however we do suggest that you not bother trying the "designer" foods--Avoderm, Eukanuba, et al--as you are paying much more for the same or very similar formulas. Experience has shown that Pedigree is NOT good for the Irish Wolfhound. Kirkland, the Costco brand, is the product of choice for my mentor's kennel at SUNSTAG.(Reg.). Costco may not be in your part of the world; other choices will be available. Read the label for the vitamin and mineral balances.

Your Breeder!! Whomever you have chosen to bring into your family--because you're taking on another "parent-in-law" when you get an Irish Wolfhound puppy!!--be sure to keep their telephone number, eMail address and other pertinent data handy, along with your Veterinarian's numbers. You never know when you'll be in a panic and can't find them!! So put them on the refrigerator, glued to your PC, logged into your Cell Phone or in the roll-a-dex by your landline.
Want More On The Celtic Myths? Bran and Sceolan; The Red Deer. More On The Hounds. Irish Tales.



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